Recurrent respiratory papilloma (RRP)

Recurrent respiratory papilloma (RRP) are benign lesions that – in the head-and-neck region – predominantly grow inside of the larynx (laryngeal papillomatosis). When they involve the vocal folds, they mostly induce hoarseness. RRP tend to be a chronic problem because proper treatment is not based on radical excision, but mass reduction. However, there are good therapeutic options that we can offer our patients to try to eradicate all papilloma.

In this interesting new article, Markus Hess and Susanne Fleischer describe their technique for managing recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis in an outpatient setting using channelled endoscopes.

Our voice clinic is highly specialized is diagnosing all reasons and effects of RRP problems and offers state-of-art therapeutical options to regain a mostly normal voice function. Patients come from all over the world for phonosurgical treatment, e.g. photoangiolytic laser surgery with KTP or blue laser, injections, and therapeutic vaccination. We perform surgery in the office or in general anesthesia, both in an ambulatory setting.