Glottoplasty for voice feminization

Although a female voice is not only an octave apart from a male voice, the mainstay of feminization laryngoplasty for pitch raising surgery is glottoplasty.

We perform the most effective way of pitch raising when applying the glottoplasty in general anesthesia. In our technique we combine the best of outcome according to published techniques by Wendler, Kim, and other phonosurgeons.

Grafik: Glottoplastik

In our optimized surgery we thin the anterior vocal folds inferiorly and suture them together with two very small permanent threads. The new commissure is advanced posteriorly and shortens the vibratory part of the vocal folds, resulting in a higher pitch.

Botulinum toxin injections and/or anterior augmentations might also be taken into consideration for therapy. And only if indicated, laser assisted vocal fold reduction may be added.