The aging voice (vocal fold bowing – presbylarynx)

Mostly with age vocal folds may tend to get thinner, and in laryngeal examination, the vocal folds cannot close tightly enough for easy voicing (glottic incompetence). Accordingly, the voice may be perceived as strained, pressed, dry, high-in-pitch, and effortful.

Patients suffer from their reduced communication and many participate less in social activities. They feel set back because of their voice problem. Although the problem may have a genetic component, most patients seek medical advice to reconstitute their ‚old’ and stronger voice.

Our voice clinic is highly specialized is diagnosing all aspects of the aging voice (vocal fold bowing – presbylarynx) and offers state-of-art therapeutical options to regain a satisfactory voice function. The surgical therapeutic mainstay is augmentation of the vocal folds (introducing a ‚filler’) to lift the pliable mass and improve the vibratory function.