Voice feminization

Voice feminization is not only the surgical correction of voice pitch, but a comprehensive package of measures.

Our treatment package ‚voice feminization’ comprises interdisciplinary history taking with a physician (ENT doctor) trained in voice disorders / phonosurgery and a logopedist specially trained in clinical voice disorders / vocal coaching. Diagnostics include videostroboscopy, endoscopy, electroglottography, electroacoustic voice analyses, perceptual voice assessment, voicerange profile, Acoustic Voice Quality Index, Voice Handicap Index / Transsexual Voice Questionnaire, and further tests. Subsequently a detailed briefing and discussion are offered. In case of surgery, a consent form is handed out explaining in detail all options for the following feminization laryngoplasty procedure.

Surgery is carried out ambulatory from Prof. Hess. The operation takes place at an ambulatory surgery center 300 m distant from the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER. Premedication and consent for general anesthesia is carried out by certified anesthesiologists from the ambulatory surgery center called AOZ (AOZ = Ambulantes Operationszentrum). As a general requirement in Germany, all patients receiving general anesthesia need an accompanying person for a 24 hour period.

Postsurgery voice control and laryngeal endoscopy is performed at the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER. We will then discuss the further steps for voice rehabilitation.

On the following day, we will monitor wound healing with flexible transnasal laryngoscopy. After a 4-week voice rest phase we offer various treatment options, usually for 10 sessions (on site or via Skype) for an individual voice rehabilitation. A block of daily treatment sessions at the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER can be reserved (reservations should be made in advance).